Character Analysis and Backstories of Manga TODAG

Xiao Ning’er

One of Nie Li’s classmates in the fighter apprentice program is from the prestigious Winged Dragon family. She is deeply committed to her training, as it is her way of avoiding an arranged marriage to Shen Fei of the Sacred Family, whom she strongly dislikes. She has shoulder-length black hair and a slim physique, although in the Manhua her hair is depicted as long and brownish-orange. Her anti-social behaviour often gives the impression of a cold and aloof beauty. Her personality reflects that of a serious and determined student, embodying an unyielding nature.

The woman deeply appreciates Nie Li for giving her the strength to resist her arranged marriage and for curing her of the Arctic disease just in time. Nie Li’s actions have earned her eternal gratitude, as he played a pivotal role in helping her avoid a fate she dreaded. She is the first woman in Nie Li’s rebirth life to develop feelings of love for him.

Xiao Ning'er


Prior to the destruction of Glory City, she had achieved an impressive rank as a 5-star silver demon spiritualist. However, her journey towards this accomplishment was challenging. She started off as a bronze rank but was afflicted by the Arctic disease, which caused her excruciating pain for two long years. Despite her condition, she was forced into an arranged marriage with Shen Fei, the elder brother of Shen Yue from the Sacred Family. Defying her family’s wishes, she ran away to the Black Devil Forest of St. Ancestral Mountain just before the snow wind beast attacked.


Xiao Ning’er begins her cultivation journey with an impressive green soul realm and a soul force measuring 78. During a test of her soul realm, she exhibits an extraordinary Winged Dragon form with the Wind Lightning attribute, a rarity that distinguishes her as an exceptional talent. This form grants her access to the Lightning Dragon Technique, which propels her almost instantly to a 1-star bronze rank. In a moment of intense emotion, her soul force experiences a significant jump from 105 to 362. Simultaneously, her soul realm undergoes a transformation, resulting in the manifestation of physical wings. This phenomenon is known as soul forming, which is exceedingly rare and requires an exceptionally pure soul force.

During the Holy Orchid Institute’s annual exam, just a month later, Xiao Ning’er’s display of soul force was so extraordinary that it exceeded the 500 limit of a primary soul crystal, causing it to explode. When she entered the Heavenly Sacred Border, her cultivation had already reached Silver rank, although the exact extent of her advancement remained unknown. As she approached the divine Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, its formidable soul force intensified, leading to an immediate breakthrough to a 5-star silver rank. Nie Li then presented her with a god-level growth rate Heavenly Lightning Sparrow demon spirit and instructed her to integrate with it. Xiao Ning’er accomplished this task successfully.

During their journey through the Ten Millennium Spatial Array, Nie Li and his companions stumble upon many Blood Crystals in the Silver Winged Family’s village. These crystals prove to be extremely beneficial for Xiao Ning’er, who becomes the first among them to achieve a breakthrough to the 1-star Gold rank. Xiao Ning’er’s unwavering dedication towards training and her efficient use of the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique helped her reach the pinnacle of a 5-star Gold rank. Later, she quickly advances to a 1-star Black Gold rank, which further strengthens her already formidable prowess.

Xiao of Manga Tales of Demons and Gods

During their journey to the Nether Realm, everyone’s cultivation experienced a rapid advancement, thanks to the Soul Array. They all reached an impressive 4-star Black Gold rank. Upon entering the Nine-Layered Deathlands, Xia Ning’er consumed one of the Spiritual Origin Fruits, which significantly elevated her cultivation to near legend rank. She participated in the Lord of Nether’s Disciple Selection and ventured into the Black Infernal Tower, where she absorbed the black flames, fortifying her body and soul. When Nie Li’s soul realm surged and attained Legend rank, the overwhelming wave of profound law energy through the soul array propelled Xia Ning’er directly to the 2-star Legend rank.

After joining the Heavenly Note Sect, Xiao Ning’er’s cultivation level skyrocketed to the 5-fate Heavenly Fate Realm. The Lightning Dragon cultivation technique helped her advance her cultivation by three stages with each stage she completed. By mastering the “Forming Thunder” stage at the 2 Fate Realm, she was able to achieve the 5-fate status. During her visit to the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li assisted her in refining a god-level Divine Scarlet Thunderbird which she then integrated with her own power, further enhancing her abilities.

 Silver Winged Family’s village,

While staying at the Silver Winged Family’s village, the group is generously provided with a large amount of refined Blood Crystals. These crystals help to speed up their cultivation progress. Xiao Ning’er is the first among them to break through to the 1-star Gold Rank, followed closely by Nie Li and the others. After his dragon blood is successfully awakened, Duan Jian’s strength experiences a remarkable surge, which elevates him from his previous rank of 3-star Gold Rank to almost reaching the threshold of legend.

Xiao Ning’er seeks guidance from Nie Li on how to advance her Lightning Dragon Technique. Specifically, she wants to unlock the hidden meridian points associated with the “Death of the Dragon Roar” technique. As Nie Li helps her identify these elusive meridian points, a subtle tension arises between them, reminding them of their past interactions when Nie Li was treating Xiao Ning’er’s Arctic Disease.

After some time, Nie Li receives news that Sikong Yi, the leader of the Silver Winged Family, has found the Stones of Light that are needed for their return to Glory City. However, Sikong Yi only allows Nie Li and Duan Jian to go with him, and assigns five experts of gold rank to escort them. Before leaving, Nie Li tells Xiao Ning’er and others to wait for him for ten days at a specific meeting point near the village, and gives them detailed directions.

After the ten days elapsed, Nie Li activated the hidden Flame Explosion inscription patterns that he had strategically placed around the Silver Winged Family’s village. As a relentless series of explosions rocked the village, Du Ze, Lu Piao, Xiao Ning’er, and the others rendezvoused with Nie Li and Duan Jian at the predetermined location. Instead of attempting to escape the village outright, Nie Li opted for a stealthier approach, having them hide nearby in the woods while he ventured off alone to aid the slaves at the mine.

Following their concealment in the woods and gaining further insight into the dynamics of the thirteen families in the realm, Nie Li determined it was time to initiate their return. However, as they prepared to activate the teleportation array, a mysterious old man unexpectedly appeared. He stumbled past the group, muttering incomprehensibly before Nie Li proceeded to insert the Stones of Light into the array to facilitate their journey back to Glory City. Duan Jian opted to accompany them, having no strong ties to the realm beyond his quest for vengeance.

As each group member traversed through the teleportation array, Xiao Ning’er hesitated momentarily. Despite the dangers ahead, she felt a pang of sadness at the prospect of their adventure with Nie Li coming to an end. Nevertheless, she summoned her resolve and stepped through the array, joining her companions on their journey back to Glory City.

Upon their return to the City Lord’s Mansion, Ye Ziyun eagerly rushes over to Nie Li, visibly relieved to see him safe. However, her relief is overshadowed by a palpable tension as she notices Nie Li’s proximity to Xiao Ning’er during their absence, stirring feelings of discomfort within her.

 Silver Winged Family

The atmosphere grows even more strained when Ye Zong, the City Lord, arrives. Nie Li’s casual greeting of “father-in-law” to Ye Zong catches everyone off guard, including Ye Ziyun. Surprisingly, Ye Zong neither rebuffs Nie Li nor acknowledges his remark, leaving an ambiguous air that hints at a possible acceptance of Nie Li as a potential son-in-law.

While Xiao Ning’er understands Nie Li’s affection for Ye Ziyun, witnessing their growing closeness still stirs a pang of longing in her heart. Despite knowing Nie Li’s feelings for Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er cannot help but feel a twinge of sadness at seeing their bond deepen.

During the defense against the Demon Beast Horde, Xiao Ning’er stands alongside Nie Li and Ye Ziyun, aiding in the preparations for the defensive lines. As the horde breaches the last of the defenses, she fights valiantly alongside Nie Li and Ye Ziyun. However, her attention is drawn to Nie Li when she notices something amiss with him. Despite her efforts to protect him from the attacking demon beasts, she is only saved from harm by Ye Ziyun’s quick intervention with an ice defensive wall.

When a powerful 5-star gold Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard targets Nie Li while he is vulnerable, Xiao Ning’er is compelled to shield him. Despite her determination, she is only a 1-star gold demon spiritualist and is gravely injured by the beast’s attack. With the last of her strength, she manages to temporarily bind the creature in lightning chains before collapsing from exhaustion and her injuries. This brief respite allows Nie Li to recover and swiftly dispatch the Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard with his Scarlet Flame knife.

After regaining consciousness, Ye Ziyun finds herself being tended to by Nie Li, who is using his soul force to treat her injuries. Together with Xiao Ning’er, they retreat from the battle to focus on healing and recovering. Ye Ziyun takes Xiao Ning’er to her courtyard, where they cleanse themselves of blood and dirt, evoking memories of their past friendship.

However, their moment of vulnerability is interrupted when Nie Li unexpectedly enters the courtyard. Upon realizing the situation and seeing both of them partially dressed, he quickly apologizes and exits, evidently embarrassed by the intrusion.