Unveiling Demon Beasts in Manga “Tales of Demons and Gods” 

Humans face constant monster threats, forcing refuge in cities. Demons are hunted for resources, but spiritualists can merge with them, gaining enhanced strength. Integration can cause mutations as demon spirits are influenced by the spiritual realm.

Some high-ranking demon beasts have the potential to unlock their Spiritual Wisdom, granting them intelligence comparable to humans. These formidable creatures pose significant dangers and can even command armies of other demon beasts during large-scale invasions known as demon beast hordes.

Demon beasts derive strength from their bloodlines, with certain species inheriting greater power than others. This distinction is particularly pronounced in creatures with dragon, ancient, and primordial bloodlines, which often exhibit unparalleled strength and prowess.

When a Demon Spiritualist merges with their demon spirit, their soul force combines with the demon spirit, causing it to evolve in a different direction. This evolution enhances the demon spirit’s strength and introduces new abilities through mutation. The more mutations a demon spirit undergoes, the more valuable it becomes.

Demon Beasts of Manga Tales of Demons and Gods

Successful mutations typically occur after the integration has been established for some time. An ordinary Gold rank expert can achieve only one mutation, which lasts for a maximum of half an hour.

Normally, there’s a fixed probability for a demon spirit to mutate upon ranking up. However, after absorbing thousands of dragon bloodline demon spirits in the Draconic Ruins Realm, Nie Li’s Nightmare Demon Pot can induce mutations in demon spirits during the fusion process.

Demon Beast Spirit:

Demon beasts are categorized based on whether they have formed a demon spirit, a distinction that is unrelated to their rank. Spiritual and emperor-level demons typically possess demon spirits usable by demon spiritualists. Normal demon beasts constitute the majority and have not formed a demon spirit.

Spiritual demon beasts possess a spirit resembling a flame, granting them greater strength and intelligence than others of the same rank. Emperor demon beasts have a spirit resembling a liquid, exceptionally strong and capable of transforming into human-like forms. These are also known as Named Demon Beasts.

In demon beasts’ brain area, demon spirits are exceedingly rare, with only one or two appearing among tens of thousands. They are crucial for demon spiritualists who absorb them into their soul realms to merge with the demon beast’s power. These spirits are highly prized, with even a silver-rank demon spirit fetching hundreds of thousands of demon spirit coins.

Demon Beasts of Manga TODAG

Demon spirits are captured and stored in a demon spirit stone for up to six hundred years, before being integrated into a soul realm or sealed within armor. Nie Li knows that besides rank, such as bronze, silver, gold, black gold, and legend, a demon beast’s growth rate is also important. Weak demon spirits can become legend rank with good growth rates, determined by using a soul crystal.

Demon spirits can be nourished with the demon spiritualist’s soul force, but this soul force is permanently lost. Consequently, the demon spiritualist must undergo recultivation to regain the lost soul force. Due to this, most practitioners opt to replace the demon spirit instead. Typically, the demon spirit can only be cultivated to the same level as the demon spiritualist.

In Draconic Ruins, cultivators prioritize demon spirits with excellent growth rates and coveted dragon bloodlines. Only powerful families can afford exceptional dragon bloodline spirits with God Level growth rates. Experts in the Divine Feathers Sect have integrated with only a few hundred of these priceless spirits.

Previously, it was believed that demon spirits could not be extracted from a cultivator’s soul realm once integrated. However, there may be a method to do so. It has been mentioned that Gu Lan’s demon spirit could not be transferred to another demon spiritualist due to her blocked meridians.


Demon beasts, like cultivators, are classified into five ranks. While demon beasts are born with a certain level of strength, they can also accumulate more soul force and ascend in rank. It is hinted that the deity-rank beast mentioned by Nie Li from his past life is likely a higher-rank demon beast that has yet to be revealed. Initially, Nie Li believed only demon beasts could attain the Heavenly Fate Realm. The intrusion of a demon beast into this realm eventually led to the Demon Beast Riot.

Rank Levels Demon Beasts with Known Ranks Notes

Bronze 1 Star – 5 Star Horned Sheep, Fanged Panda 2 meters

Silver 1 Star – 5 Star Fox Bear, Giant Blue Armed Ape, Black Star Tiger, Scarlet Ghost 4 -5 meters

Gold 1 Star – 5 Star Scarlet Flaming Fox

Netherlamp Behemoth

Golden Horned Land Dragon

Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard 4 – 5 meters

Black Gold 

1 Star – 5 Star Scarlet Black Tiger

Snow Queen

Black Scaled Earth Dragon

Abyss Bear

Black Water Armyworm

Wither Bird

Flaming Snake

Toxic Frog

Snow Wind Great Ape 10 – 20 meters


1 Star – 5 Star Snow Wind Giant Beast

Abyss Demon

Zombie Jiao-dragon

Heavenly Fate Realm 1 Fate – 9 Fate Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon

Types and Attributes

Demon beasts are categorized into various types based on their characteristics and abilities:

Fighter: These demon beasts rely on their strength and numbers to overpower adversaries.