Duan Jian:

The male youth with dragon wings is the offspring of a silver-winged woman who fell in love with Duan Yun, a member of the Black Dragon Family. Tragically, both of his parents were killed, and he was subjected to torture by the Silver Winged Family. When Nie Li first encountered him, he was being brutally whipped. Following Nie Li’s intervention, not only was the youth freed from his torment but he was also empowered to seek revenge. He pledged his allegiance and vowed to serve him in gratitude for Nie Li’s aid.

With his distinctive dark gold (or sometimes described as black) coloured wings, Duan Juan stands out due to his mixed bloodline. He possesses a quiet and dignified demeanor, with a simple outlook on the world. Once he chooses someone to follow, he displays unwavering loyalty towards them.


In an alternate storyline, during Nie Li’s previous life, it’s improbable that Duan Juan would have survived the onslaught from the Silver Winged Family, as Nie Li did not enter the Abyss Prison Realm and Ye Mo wouldn’t have entered until several years later.

Duan Jian of Manga Tales of Demons and Gods

Current Life:

Nie Li persuades Sikong Yi that he can cure the premature death that Sikong Yi faces due to his body rejecting his wings. He proposes to use Duan Jian as a test subject for the medicine but instead offers Duan Jian an opportunity for revenge by awakening his dragon blood. This would elevate his cultivation from his current rank of 3 Star Gold to that of a Legend rank fighter. Despite the expected excruciating pain, Duan Jian eagerly accepts the offer and pledges his loyalty to Nie Li.

Duan Jian’s Revenge Arc

Nie Li proposes to accompany Duan Jian to the Abyss Prison Realm to seek revenge on Sikong Yi before heading to the Nine-Layered Deathlands to meet the Master of Nether. Duan Jian expresses his desire for this vengeance, and Nie Li agrees to join him. They are accompanied by Yu Yan, Luo Ming, and two other legendary bodyguards on this mission.

In the Abyss Prison Realm, Sikong Yi uses a unique technique of the Silver Wing Family to summon lightning pillars that relentlessly bombard Duan Jian’s body and soul. Despite Duan Jian’s fierce attack with the Black Flame Sword, he breaks through to Legend rank, growing black scales, and larger wings. With newfound strength, Duan Jian delivers a heavy palm strike that damages Sikong Yi and ends the battle.

Sikong Hongyue saves her father from Duan Jian’s sword attack by blocking it with her own sword. Despite being severely injured, she remains determined to protect her father at all costs. Duan Jian offers to spare her if she steps aside, but she refuses and remains resolute. He realizes that he must overcome Sikong Hongyue’s unwavering resolve to carry out his revenge against Sikong Yi.

Duan Jian hears a voice urging him to let go of his hatred and walk away from his enemy. He accepts the advice and calmly explains to Sikong Hongyue that he no longer wishes to engage in violence. Duan Jian leaves the scene, leaving the fate of Sikong Yi and his daughter to others.

As the group nears the entrance of the Nether Realm, they are confronted by Luqian Sha and Luqian Mo, two formidable high-level legend-rank demon beasts tasked with guarding Yu Yan in the Black Spring. In the ensuing battle, Nie Li and Yu Yan face off against Luqian Sha, while Duan Jian and Luo Ming take on Luqian Mo.

Utilizing his skills and techniques, Nie Li manages to defeat Luqian Sha first with his powerful Draconic Bombs. Enraged by the loss of its companion, Luqian Mo transforms into its Ghastly Chameleon form, resembling a menacing lizard man adorned with spikes. It charges towards Nie Li, who narrowly evades its attacks and retaliates with Yin Yang blasts.

In response, Luqian Mo spits a venomous net at Nie Li, prompting him to switch to his Shadow Devil form and employ void form to escape. Meanwhile, Duan Jian and Yu Yan continue to engage Luqian Mo, covering Nie Li as he resumes his assault with Draconic Bombs, aiming to overcome the formidable adversary.

As Luqian Mo relentlessly dodges Nie Li’s attacks, Nie Li resorts to deploying fake Draconic Bombs alongside the real ones. Luqian Mo falls for the deception, becoming more relaxed in his evasion tactics. However, when a genuine Draconic Bomb strikes him, he sustains grave injuries that hinder his ability to dodge further attacks. Despite his efforts, he succumbs to his wounds after being hit by several more explosions.

Following the intense battle, the group is left astonished by the sheer power of Nie Li’s Draconic Bombs. Yu Yan apologises for putting everyone in danger, acknowledging the magnitude of the threat they faced. Meanwhile, Nie Li searches the demon beast’s bodies, eventually uncovering a black dragon scale, which he then presents to Duan Jian as a token of their victory and solidarity.

Leaving for the Draconic Ruins Realm Arc

After deciding to embark on the search for the Desert Palace in the Endless Desert, Nie Li and his companions find themselves lost in contemplation as they traverse the vast expanse. Without warning, Ye Ziyun suddenly slaps Nie Li, leaving the group bewildered.

Despite their doubts and uncertainties, the group persists in their quest for the enigmatic Desert Palace, spending days scouring the desert in search of any sign of its existence. Eventually, Nie Li enters a deep, trance-like state, guiding them to ancient ruins long since reduced to rubble. As he wanders among the dilapidated structures, Nie Li suddenly collapses, falling unconscious.

Returning to Glory City with Nie Li in his comatose state, his companions faithfully keep vigil by his side, caring for him as he lies unconscious for an entire month. During this time, either Ye Ziyun or Xiao Ning’er remains by his side constantly, watching over him and tending to his needs in the hopes of aiding his recovery. Upon Nie Li’s eventual awakening, Duan Jian rushes to his side, relieved to find him safe and sound again.

As the group’s attention is drawn to the sounds of a nearby conflict, they rush to find the Demon Lord launching a ferocious assault on Ye Mo, wreaking havoc and devastation upon the buildings of the City Lord’s Mansion. In response, Duan Jian joins forces with Nie Li, Ye Zong, and the others, rallying to support Ye Mo in his struggle against the formidable adversary.

Despite their combined efforts, the Demon Lord proves to be a formidable opponent, utilizing his dark powers to devastating effect. However, when Nie Li wields the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword and unleashes a powerful attack, the Demon Lord senses the imminent danger and swiftly alters his tactics. Rather than confronting the attack head-on, he skillfully evades it and seizes the opportunity to close in on Ye Zong, overpowering him with the malevolent forces of Hell.

As the harrowing battle unfolds, Ye Zong valiantly continues to stand against the onslaught of the Demon Lord, refusing to yield even in the face of grave danger. Despite his courageous efforts, he suffers grievous injuries as the Demon Lord ruthlessly tears off his right arm, followed by his left. Ye Zong’s determination remains unwavering throughout the ordeal, but his strength wanes as the Demon Lord’s relentless assault takes its toll.

Ye Mo gives up the Demon Spirit Stone to save his son, but the Demon Lord still kills Ye Zong. He uses the Snow Wind Family’s self-destruction technique, sacrificing himself and defeating the Demon Lord with a final blast.

In the aftermath of the devastating battle, Duan Jian witnesses Nie Li’s utilization of a secret technique. Nie Li’s power surges, and he delivers a powerful strike against the Demon Lord. As the ferocious onslaught of lightning energy tears through the Demon Lord, wreaking havoc upon his limbs and even his head, the Demon Lord narrowly escapes death, saved by the protection of a formidable artifact armor from the Draconic Ruins Realm.

After the loss of their City Lord, Nie Li and his companions prepare to leave Glory City for the Nine-Layered Deathlands. Nie Li advises Duan Jian against seeking revenge too soon and urges him to exercise caution and patience, waiting until they attain greater power before confronting their formidable adversary, the Demon Lord. Despite Duan Jian’s reluctance, Nie Li secures his promise to refrain from acting until he reaches a higher level of strength.