Gu Bei:

Gu Bei is a student in the 1st year Genius class at the Skysoul Institute and belongs to the esteemed Gu Clan, one of the three strongest families in the Divine Feathers Sect. Alongside his sister, Gu Lan, he is a direct family descendant. However, tragedy struck when they lost their parents at a young age, and their potential as successors to the family made them targets.

Gu Bei

Despite Gu Lan facing meridian blockages, exceptions were made for her by the family. However, Gu Bei was perceived as a disappointment, appearing to be a complete underachiever. In reality, he concealed his true talent and strength to avoid becoming a target in the succession struggle. In secret, Gu Bei devoted most of his time to cultivating sword intent under Gu Lan’s guidance. His mastery of sword intent had already reached an impressive level; if he didn’t deliberately suppress his cultivation, his Heavenly Fate Realm strength would be immediately evident.


Gu Bei is rumored to have over twenty wives, earning him a reputation as a lazy loafer motivated solely by lust. However, this image of him as a useless and harmless individual is merely an exaggeration carefully crafted by Gu Bei himself. In reality, he hides his true strength to avoid attracting attention.


In Nie Li’s past life, Gu Bei was recognized as an enigmatic expert, foreseen to emerge a century later, comparable to Long Yuyin in prowess. His sister Gu Lan imparted his mastery of the sword, which was renowned. It was Gu Bei’s formidable sword intent that propelled him to achieve the status of a Martial Ancestor Realm expert.

Supporting Allies Arc

Nie Li:

Gu Bei was surprised when he learned about the hidden message left by the expert on the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. He happily sent someone to the Outside World to discreetly remove the copy. Later, he reunited with them and took them to watch martial arts matches on the field.

Nie Li

Gu Heng:

After attracting attention at the auction, Gu Bei anticipated Gu Heng’s attempt to challenge him. With many members of the Gu Clan present, it was the perfect moment to demonstrate his true strength. Pretending to be weak, he suggested joining the sparring matches. Gu Heng eagerly arranged for him to have a sparring partner.

Gu Bei’s Spars and Cultivation:

His first opponent was the renowned demon spiritualist, Gu Kuan. Despite Gu Kuan’s serious attacks, Gu Bei easily defeated him with a single strike. From then on, Gu Bei abandoned his previous antics and fought his opponent’s full force.

In his second match, Gu Bei swiftly defeated Gu Yun, a 1 fate demon spiritualist, showcasing his profound understanding of sword intent. Since receiving Nie Li’s calligraphy word ‘sword’, Gu Bei had gained a new insight into sword intent, elevating his skills to a higher level.

His final bout was against Gu Bing, a 3 Fate demon spiritualist. The intensity of the fight spurred Gu Bei to break through to the 2 fate Heavenly Fate realm. Additionally, he fused with his demon spirit, a god-level dragon bloodline Dragon Bone Winged Tiger gifted by Nie Li. Gu Bei knocked out Gu Bing in one hit with a powerful strike.

Impressed by Gu Bei’s abilities and exceptional demon spirit, Gu Ya proposed him as a candidate to succeed the clan head. This announcement led to an emergency elder meeting, where the patriarch, Gu Tianlong, surprised everyone by naming Gu Bei the primary successor and demoting Gu Heng to second place. Nie Li speculated that this decision was likely influenced by Gu Heng’s involvement in poisoning Gu Lan, demonstrating the consequences of his deceitful actions.

Gu Lan warned Gu Bei to not become overconfident despite his new title since he lacked established forces. Nie Li established the Demon League with Gu Bei and Lu Piao, using Gu Bei’s status to offer high salaries and benefits, tailored cultivation methods to abilities. On the first day, they enlisted over 600, including 3 experts from the Heavenly Star Realm.

In the Acquiring Cultivation Resources Arc:

Nie Li approached Gu Bei after his encounter with Murong Yu, requesting assistance in collecting demon beasts with Ordinary, Good, or Excellent growth rates. Despite finding the request peculiar, Gu Bei agreed to help due to Nie Li’s prior aid to his sister. Gu Bei’s team swiftly gathered 20,000 such demon spirits from a smaller realm within a day.

Gu Bei handed Nie Li an additional 60,000 demon spirits during a class session. In return, Nie Li provided him with 600 spiritual stones for purchasing dragon bloodline demon spirits with ordinary growth rates. Gu Bei, having learned about Nie Li’s dealings with Li Xingyun, suspected Nie Li had a secret method but chose not to pry. Instead, he inquired about purchasing some demon spirits for his family, which Nie Li agreed to.

In a surprising turn of events during the next class, Long Yuyin approached Nie Li and requested a spar, receiving both agreement and valuable insights into her technique flaws. This interaction indicated a significant change in their relationship.

Over the following month, Gu Bei continued aiding Nie Li in acquiring dragon bloodline demon spirits, which Nie Li sold for many spiritual stones. In gratitude, Nie Li eventually provided Gu Bei with a god-level dragon bloodline demon spirit.

Skysoul Institute Arc:

After witnessing Long Yuyin’s interaction with Nie Li and Lu Piao, Gu Bei approached to introduce himself. Intrigued by the rumors surrounding them, he wanted to meet them, considering them interesting. Gu Bei also felt compelled to caution them about the risks of provoking Long Yuyin, though he admitted to his fascination with her personality type. Through a brief chat with Lu Piao, they discovered shared interests in women and quickly bonded as friends.

Gu Bei meets Nie Li and Lu Piao again. Nie Li wants to heal his poisoned sister and convinces Gu Bei to help him. They agree to keep the healing process a secret, and maintain the facade of her being injured for now.

Nie Li provided Gu Bei with a list of herbs to gradually diminish the poison in his sister’s system. Gu Bei, grateful for Nie Li’s help, witnessed the medicine’s effectiveness and offered him 1,500 spiritual stones. However, Nie Li declined, accepting only half the payment of five hundred Spiritual Stones, insisting on receiving the rest only after his sister’s full recovery. This gesture solidified Gu Bei’s admiration for Nie Li, whom he viewed as not just intelligent and wise, but also fair and honest.

Meanwhile, Gu Lan and Gu Bei visited the Saint Soul Grounds after hearing about Nie Li’s remarkable performance and his bet with Long Yuyin. They were once again astonished by Nie Li’s abilities, perceiving him as mysterious and holding many secrets. When they encountered the current successor of the Gu Clan, Gu Heng, they maintained composure despite his attempts to provoke them, both aware of the need to conceal their true strength to avoid drawing Gu Heng’s attention.

Their astonishment grew when they witnessed Nie Li rise to third place on the Saint Soul Board, indicating their underestimation of his talent. Gu Bei congratulated Nie Li on his victory against Long Yuyin. He cautioned him about Gu Heng’s tendency to resort to underhanded methods. During class, Gu Bei trained alongside Nie Li and Lu Piao, even partnering with Lu Piao during combat drills.

Skysoul Institute Arc

Gu Bei was present when Long Yuyin challenged Nie Li to spar, witnessing the intense nature of their fight. At one point, the situation became awkward for onlookers, but neither Nie Li nor Long Yuyin seemed to notice. As the fight intensified, Gu Bei contemplated intervening to protect Nie Li but was relieved when Nie Li emerged victorious.

In the Striking Back at Gu Heng Arc:

Thanks to information from He Gui, Gu Heng became a target for retaliation by Lu Xingyun’s Heavenly Path League and Gu Bei’s Demon League. They launched multiple attacks, killing Gu Heng three times and inflicting heavy losses on his forces. Their onslaught ceased only after Gu Heng mysteriously enlisted the aid of two hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts.

Nie Li and his allies successfully ambushed the guards protecting Gu Heng’s Heiyun Deity’s Lake, extracting the Deity Root. They then proceeded to Gu Heng’s Guyu Deity’s Lake. Facing resistance at the Lightning Deity’s Lake from a sizable defending force, Nie Li remained undeterred, prioritizing the extraction of the Deity Root over potential losses, confident that securing it would signify victory.

In the heat of battle, Gu Bei commanded his forces to protect Nie Li as they dove into the fray, shielded by his grade six artifact armor. Thanks to Nie Li’s strategic foresight, the most loyal elite troops were equipped with normally rare dragon bloodline extraordinary growth demon spirits. When these formidable troops launched their assault, the defenders of the lake were overwhelmed, fleeing in fear. With the path cleared, Nie Li wasted no time in heading to the heart of the Deity’s Lake to begin extracting the root.

Upon Gu Heng’s arrival, his forces launched an immediate attack, resulting in significant casualties on both sides. Despite the ferocity of their assault, Gu Heng found it difficult to swiftly end the battle due to the presence of grade six artifact armor and powerful demon spirits on Nie Li’s side. Meanwhile, Li Xingyun, Gu Bei, and Lu Piao valiantly defended against Gu Heng’s onslaught, ensuring Nie Li’s safety as he worked to extract the Deity Root.

As the battle raged on, reinforcements arrived to bolster both sides. Long Yuyin’s Profound Note League dispatched a hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts to aid Nie Li’s allies, while Gu Heng received support from Li Yufeng, reinforcing his troops with thousands of men.

Nie Li completed the Inscription Pattern array and extracted the Deity Root from the lake amidst intense fighting. As he ordered a hasty retreat, he found himself surrounded by enemies, but Xiao Yu intervened and teleported them both to safety using a space-time artifact ring. Gu Bei, Li Xingyun, Lu Piao, and roughly half of their forces managed to escape and return to the safety of the Divine Feathers Sect amidst the chaos of the retreat.