Heroes and Villains of the Manga TODAG

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the heart of the manga universe as we delve into the captivating world of “Mercenary Enrollment.” This spellbinding manga introduces us to a cast of dynamic characters, each contributing their unique essence to the tapestry of the narrative. From formidable warriors to enigmatic figures, the main characters of “Mercenary Enrollment” invite readers into a realm where mercenaries navigate a complex web of alliances, conflicts, and personal growth. Join us as we explore the intricacies of these characters’ lives, uncovering the layers that make them pivotal to the unfolding story, and discover the magic that lies within the pages of this enthralling manga.

1. Nie Li:

Nie Li finds himself back in his thirteen-year-old body after being killed by the Sage Emperor. With a second chance, he’s determined to prevent the Sacred Family from betraying Glory City, which led to the destruction of his home and the death of his loved ones.

Member of the Heavenly Marks Family

Nie Li belongs to the Heavenly Marks Family, a weak and declining aristocratic clan. Although others see him as untalented and lacking social status, he retains knowledge from his past life. Using this knowledge, he plans to cultivate himself and gather allies who protected Glory City in his previous life, including his friends Du Ze and Lu Piao, as well as his past love Ye Ziyun.

Appearance and Personality

Nie Li’s appearance is not extensively described in the novel, but he is noted to have good looks and stands slightly shorter than Shen Yue. In the Manhua adaptation, he is depicted with orange spiky hair that flows past his shoulders and striking blue eyes. His hair is often tied up into a ponytail.

Despite his youthful appearance, Nie Li possesses a remarkably calm and determined personality. This maturity often surprises those around him, as he demonstrates the wisdom and experience of someone much older. Having experienced profound loss in his previous life, Nie Li has made a solemn vow to protect his loved ones at any cost.

Fearlessness and Strategic Mindset

Throughout his countless near-death experiences, Nie Li has developed a fearless demeanor. After his rebirth, he harbors little to no fear of death, enabling him to confront any challenge with confidence. Renowned as a master tactician, Nie Li can decipher the hidden intentions of those he encounters. While he may have a sharp tongue, he primarily directs it towards his enemies, reserving a lighter teasing for his close companions.

Unique Abilities and Knowledge

One of Nie Li’s most intriguing traits is his ability to equip more than one Demon spirit, a feat unmatched by any other character in the story. This has sparked curiosity among others, who question the origins of his extraordinary power. Additionally, Nie Li’s extensive knowledge gained from his past life allows him to perceive value in items that may seem insignificant to others. His understanding of treasure chests and their contents proves invaluable, often turning seemingly useless objects into valuable assets.

Transformation and Growth

In his previous life, Nie Li was characterized as timid and cowardly. However, his experiences while traveling alongside Ye Ziyun have catalyzed a remarkable transformation. Through facing life-threatening struggles and overcoming adversities, Nie Li has evolved into a resilient and courageous individual. Despite the transient happiness he finds with Ye Ziyun, their joy is tragically short-lived as she sacrifices herself to save him from a demon beast’s attack. This event serves as a pivotal moment in Nie Li’s journey, propelling him forward on his path of growth and redemption.

2. Ye Ziyun:

One of Nie Li’s classmates in the fighter apprentice class remains a mystery to many. She comes from the powerful Snow Wind Family, with her grandfather being the legendary demon spiritualist Ye Mo, and her father, Ye Zong, serving as the current City Lord. Unfortunately, she lost her mother at a young age, and due to her father and grandfather’s busy schedules, she doesn’t get to see them often.

Appearance and Personality

Described as an elegant beauty, she has purple hair and lavender eyes. Despite her sweet and welcoming nature, she can be competitive at times. However, she struggles with decisiveness and understanding her own emotions.

Alternate Life

In her previous life, she was engaged to Shen Yue from the Sacred Family. However, their marriage plans were disrupted by demon beast attacks, leading to the abandonment of Glory City. Seeking refuge in the Endless Desert, she found solace and protection in Nie Li’s company. Despite their differing cultivation levels, they developed a romantic relationship until her tragic death while defending survivors from a demon beast attack.

Abilities and Equipment

With a cyan soul realm, she possesses remarkable soul force, attributed to her snow wind attribute and possession of the powerful Ice Phoenix soul form. Under Nie Li’s guidance, she rapidly advances in cultivation, achieving significant ranks and acquiring potent equipment such as the Snow Queen demon spirit and rare artifacts like the bone tooth anklet from the Snow Wind Giant Beast. Through her training and the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique, she achieves remarkable breakthroughs in cultivation, eventually reaching legendary rank with Nie Li’s assistance during the Lord of Nether’s Disciple Selection.

3. Long Yuyin:

Snow Wind Family Member

One of Nie Li’s classmates, hailing from the Snow Wind Family, remains a mystery to many. Her lineage boasts her grandfather, the renowned demon spiritualist Ye Mo, and her father, Ye Zong, serving as the City Lord. Despite her prestigious background, she suffered the loss of her mother at a young age and struggled to spend time with her busy father and grandfather.

Appearance and Personality

She’s stunningly beautiful, but her icy demeanor instills fear in others. She can be tyrannical and somewhat bloodthirsty towards those who challenge her. Despite these flaws, she’s straightforward and honorable. Her pride drives her to rely solely on her strength and she’s fiercely dedicated to advancing in the Martial Dao, sometimes to an obsessive degree.

Plot: Parallel Lives

In her previous life, she was engaged to Shen Yue from the Sacred Family, but demon beast attacks thwarted their plans. Seeking refuge in the Endless Desert, she found solace and love with Nie Li until her tragic death defending survivors from a demon beast onslaught.

Dragonseal Family Member

Another student from the Skysoul Institute, Long Yuyin, belongs to the esteemed Dragonseal Family. Renowned for her promise and seventh in line for family leadership, she once engaged to Hu Yong, though she never accepted the arrangement. Her close relationship with her mother, Long Shuyun, is notable, despite Long Yuyin’s harsh and cold demeanor.

Appearance and Personality: The Dragonseal Heir

Long Yuyin is described as stunning but possesses a harsh and tyrannical personality, instilling fear in others. Driven by pride, she values self-reliance and is fiercely dedicated to cultivating the Martial Dao. However, Nie Li’s influence prompts a gradual transformation in her, leading to newfound respect and feelings, although her cold demeanor persists in other situations.

4. Demon Beasts: A Beginner’s Guide:

Demon Beasts are creatures that pose a threat to humans, often prompting them to seek refuge in cities. These creatures are hunted by humans for various purposes, including food, crystals, spirits, and other valuable items. Demon spiritualists have the unique ability to integrate captured demon spirits into their soul realm, granting them enhanced strength and abilities during combat.

Levels and Attributes

Demon Beasts are categorized into five ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold, Legend, and Heavenly Fate Realm. Each rank encompasses different levels of strength, with higher ranks possessing more formidable abilities. Certain demon beasts, particularly those with dragon, ancient, and primordial bloodlines, inherit exceptional strength from their lineage.

Types and Attributes

Demon Beasts are further classified based on their attack methods and attributes. Types include Fighter, Defense, Agility, Nightmare, Assassin, Toxic, Hallucinatory, and Space-Time. Each type exhibits distinct characteristics and abilities, influencing their combat strategies.

Attributes denote the elemental nature of demon beasts’ attacks. Examples include Snow Wind, Wind Lightning, Lightning, Lightning Fire, Sacred Flame, Dark, God, and Holy attributes. These attributes dictate the type of attacks a demon beast utilizes, ranging from ice-based assaults to lightning-infused strikes.

Integration and Mutations

Demon spiritualists integrate captured demon spirits into their soul realm, enhancing their combat prowess. Over time, these integrated demon spirits may undergo mutations influenced by the spiritual realm of the demon spiritualist. This phenomenon can lead to the emergence of more powerful abilities and attributes in the demon spirits.

Intelligence and Leadership

High-ranking demon beasts have the potential to unlock Spiritual Wisdom, granting them intelligence comparable to humans. These intelligent demon beasts can lead armies during demon beast hordes, posing significant threats to humans and cities alike.


In conclusion, demon beasts present a formidable challenge to humans, prompting the need for vigilant preparation and strategic response. Understanding their ranks, types, and attributes is crucial for navigating territories inhabited by these creatures. From the lowly Bronze rank to the formidable Heavenly Fate Realm, demon beasts vary in strength and abilities, posing diverse threats to human settlements. Additionally, the integration of demon spirits into a demon spiritualist’s soul realm can lead to powerful enhancements and even mutations over time. High-ranking demon beasts with unlocked Spiritual Wisdom exhibit intelligence akin to humans, capable of orchestrating devastating attacks. By comprehending the intricacies of demon beasts, individuals can better protect themselves and their communities from the perils they pose. Vigilance, preparation, and strategic planning are key in navigating the dangerous territories inhabited by these formidable creatures.