Li Xingyun

Despite his status as an illegitimate child, Li Xingyun holds significant power within the Ashen Flames Family of the Divine Feathers Sect. He was hailed as a rising genius within the sect just two years prior. Despite being third in line for the patriarch’s seat, he has amassed thousands of young talents under his wing, providing them with top-notch cultivation resources using his considerable wealth. Li Xingyun’s faction, known as the Heavenly Path, commands three low-grade Deity’s Lakes, showcasing his influence and resources within the sect.

Despite his slightly overbearing and harsh demeanor, Li Xingyun possesses a loyal and trustworthy personality. He values the faith and trust his people and friends placed in him and would never betray it. Additionally, he takes pride in his ability to discern the truth in people, demonstrating his keen insight and judgment.

In Nie Li’s previous life, Li Xingyun vied for the Patriarch’s seat of the Ashen Flames Family within the Divine Feathers Sect but failed to secure it, prompting his departure.


After leaving the Divine Feathers Sect, Li Xingyun’s natural talent flourished, propelling him to become a dominant figure beyond its confines. His reputation eclipsed even that of Gu Bei’s or Long Yuyin’s. However, his moral compass was often questioned as he struggled to discern between good and evil. Nevertheless, he forged friendly alliances across various realms and garnered a loyal following of devoted brothers.

Li Xingyun

Skyblaze Sects Visit Arc

During the Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects’ visit to the Divine Feathers Sect, Li Xingyun and other talented individuals build relationships with influential members from these sects. During the auction, Li Xingyun joins Nie Li’s table, followed by Murong Yu and Ye Xuan. Li Xingyun adeptly manages any disruptions by Murong Yu, but becomes cautious when he realizes Ye Xuan’s affiliation with the powerful Ye Clan.

When Long Tianming greeted Ye Xuan but ignored Lu Xingyun entirely, it left Lu Xingyun feeling irritated. He harbors a strong dislike for Long Tianming but lacks the power to confront him directly.

Li Xingyun sees Nie Li as an equal despite his lack of background. He admires his ability to acquire powerful demon spirits and his hidden strengths. Nie Li offers to obtain a god-level dragon bloodline demon spirit for Li Xingyun in exchange for one hundred thousand Spiritual Stones and three favors. The first favor requires Li Xingyun to ally with Nie Li against any enemies he may have. He eagerly agrees, though the other two favors remain undecided.

At the auction, Lu Xingyun saw Long Tianming, Mingyue Wushuang, and Yan Yang display impressive dao intent. Nie Li surprised everyone with his abilities and instructed Gu Bei to pay close attention. Lu Xingyun also studied the calligraphy, but couldn’t perceive any dao intent. Gu Bei confirmed a profound sword intent within it.

Current Life:

Li Xingyun met Nie Li in the student market. Nie Li bought all of Li Xingyun’s god-level demon spirits. Li Xingyun wanted to buy more to strengthen his influence but Nie Li declined his offer. Li Xingyun warned Hua Ling to stay away from Nie Li as a gesture of goodwill.

Gathering Deity’s Lakes Arc

Nie Li enlisted Li Xingyun’s help locating near-dead Deity’s Lakes for purchase, initially puzzling Li Xingyun due to their seemingly low value. However, after witnessing Nie Li’s successful extraction of the Deity Root from the Fiery Rain Deity’s Lake, Li Xingyun grasped the significance.

Subsequently, Li Xingyun assisted Nie Li in acquiring seven more Deity’s Lakes using the same method. He also informed Nie Li about a medium-grade lake guarded by formidable demon beasts, leading to developing a strategy for capturing it.

Upon his return, Li Xingyun inadvertently embarrassed Long Yuyin by referring to her as one of Nie Li’s companions. Nie Li clarified that Long Yuyin was also vying for the position of patriarch within her Dragonseal Family and needed to establish her own forces. He requested that Li Xingyun guide her as he had with Gu Bei, which Li Xingyun agreed.

Nie Li and Li Xingyun, accompanied by five hundred men, set out to attack the medium-grade Deity’s Lake, only to realize they were trailed by an unknown sizable force. Nonetheless, Nie Li remained unfazed, as their objective was solely to extract the Deity’s Lake Root, not to occupy the area. To compensate for the risk, Nie Li pledged two hundred spiritual stones for each of Li Xingyun’s men, with additional compensation in case of casualties.

Their strategy involved diverting the attention of the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor away from the Deity’s Lake by deploying explosion inscription patterns at its base. With the Dao of Dragon-ranked demon beast lured away, Nie Li, Li Xingyun, and their men swiftly moved in to allow Nie Li to extract the Deity’s Root. Despite facing casualties upon the creature’s return, they persisted in obstructing it to provide Nie Li with the opportunity to complete his inscription patterns.

Deity's Lakes Arc

Li Xingyun teamed up with his dragon to fight the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake. But when Nie Li interfered with the Deity’s Lake, the creature turned on him. Nie Li got the Deity Root and hid in his Shadow Devil’s void form to avoid attacks, but the creature found him and attacked relentlessly.

Aware of his impending demise at the hands of the demon beast, Nie Li instructed Li Xingyun to retreat with their men while he diverted towards the pursuing group, intending to inflict maximum damage. As Li Xingyun and the survivors successfully withdrew, they rendezvoused with Nie Li at the Soul Hall following his body’s regeneration.

Gu Heng:

A few days later, Gu Heng orchestrated an assault with a combined force of approximately ten thousand troops to decimate the Demon League. The attack proved devastatingly one-sided until Li Xingyun intervened, bringing around three thousand elite members of his Heavenly Path League. Despite being outnumbered, Li Xingyun’s forces boasted considerable strength, including numerous Heavenly Axis and Heavenly Star Realm experts, yet they still endured significant losses.

Li Xingyun and his troops retreated after being overwhelmed, losing over three-quarters of their forces. They decided to target Gu Heng and weaken him by depriving his Deity’s Lakes of their Deity Roots so that other faction leaders would withdraw their support.

With this objective in mind, Gu Bei, Lu Piao, and Li Xingyun led five hundred troops in a surprise attack on one of Gu Heng’s Deity’s Lakes. The ambush proved successful, resulting in the demise of approximately a thousand weaker members of the Blood Moon League. Additionally, they obtained valuable intelligence indicating that one of Gu Heng’s trusted aides had been embezzling spiritual stones, offering the opportunity to recruit him as a spy potentially.

He Gui:

Gu Bei’s team finds He Gui at a brothel in Mingshan Stronghold. They offer to keep his embezzlement secret in exchange for his reporting on Gu Heng’s whereabouts. He Gui agrees but adds a condition: they must help him bring down another of Gu Heng’s aides, Chai Yue. Gu Bei accepts and frames Chai Yue as the traitor. Before parting ways, He Gui writes incriminating letters and receives payment.

Li Xingyun holds Chai Yue in high regard and had previously considered recruiting him. Therefore, Nie Li suggests that once Chai Yue is expelled from Gu Heng’s Blood Moon League, Li Xingyun should invite him to join the Heavenly Path League.

Li Yufeng:

Later, while visiting the Celestial Treasure Pavilion to acquire new artifacts, they encountered Li Yufeng, whom Li Xingyun decided to ignore. Nie Li impressed everyone by skillfully negotiating the prices to their lowest limits at the trading house. Following this, he purchased a grade 6 artifact sword, the Silvery Moon Blade, and armor for Li Xingyun. Li Yufeng, feeling slighted by their disregard for him and their extravagant spending, left the pavilion in a sour mood without making a purchase. As a precaution, Li Xingyun cautioned the others to stay wary of him.