Long Yuyin 

Another student in the 1st-year Genius class at the Skysoul Institute hails from the esteemed Dragonseal Family. Renowned as one of their most promising young talents, she holds the notable position of seventh in line to potentially lead the family. Two years prior to meeting Nie Li, she was engaged to Hu Yong, but reportedly caused him significant injury during a martial tournament. Despite her mother’s arrangement, she never accepted the engagement.

Long Yuyin shares a close bond with her mother, Long Shuyun, who deeply cares for her daughter’s well-being. Although Long Shuyun may come across as abrupt and unrestrained, her actions are always motivated by her daughter’s best interests.

Long Yuyin, a member of the Dragonseal family, inherited a powerful demon spirit from her father after he was killed by the Demon God Sect. She is protected by her father’s subordinates, and even the current patriarch cannot harm her. Long Yuyin holds a significant secret – she knows the truth about Nie Li’s reincarnation, along with Ying Yueru and Emperor Tian Yuan.

Long Yuyin


Long Yuyin possesses striking beauty, but her harsh and cold demeanor instills fear in others. She can be tyrannical and even bloodthirsty toward those who oppose her, yet she remains straightforward and honorable. Her pride drives her to advance solely through her own strength, without relying on assistance from others. She is dedicated to cultivating the Martial Dao and is singularly focused on her goal. Resembling her mother both in looks and temperament, Long Yuyin’s personality appears colder and more aloof compared to her mother’s fiery nature.

Before encountering Nie Li, Long Yuyin was ruthless, treating people as expendable and showing no remorse for those she harmed. She was feared and despised, causing others to keep their distance to avoid incurring her wrath. However, after being defeated by Nie Li, her perspective shifted. She began to reflect on her actions and gradually transformed.

Recognizing Nie Li as the only one capable of guiding her in the ways of the Martial Dao, Long Yuyin developed feelings for him, a first in her life. Her demeanor softened considerably around Nie Li and his companions, and her voice was gentler. Although she shed her previous cruelty, her cold exterior persisted when interacting with others.

Previous Life:

In Nie Li’s previous life, he encountered Long Yuyin a hundred years into the future, where she had become a formidable 3-stage Martial Ancestor. Tragically, she was responsible for the death of Nie Li’s master, Ying Yueru, and played a significant role in the downfall of the Divine Feathers Sect.

The Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects Visit Arc

Upon witnessing Nie Li’s closeness to the graceful Xiao Ning’er, Long Yuyin couldn’t help but feel a twinge of frustration and unease. Without a word, she quietly claimed the seat next to Nie Li during the auction. Unsure of Nie Li’s feelings towards her, Long Yuyin found solace in the fact that Xiao Ning’er would depart after a few days. Despite her cousin Long Tianming’s attempt to greet her, Long Yuyin ignored him. Despite his significant status as the next successor to the Dragonseal Family, he seemed to show little regard for her.

Personality of Long Yuyin

Throughout the auction, Long Yuyin remained silent, observing without interacting with anyone. She sat next to Nie Li, quietly taking in the events unfolding. After the auction, she witnessed Long Tianming, Mingyue Wushuang, and Yan Yang display their profound dao intent. However, she was surprised when Nie Li stepped forward to showcase his skills. Despite assuming he must have a plan, she couldn’t anticipate that his abilities would surpass those already demonstrated.

Upon hearing Nie Li’s instructions to Gu Bei to pay close attention, Long Yuyin also attempted to study the calligraphy. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t detect any dao intent, frustrating her when Gu Bei confirmed its presence. Unable to comprehend why she couldn’t perceive the intent while others could, Long Yuyin’s martial obsession led her to seek another look at the word after Nie Li promised Gu Bei a copy. However, Nie Li dismissed her, stating she couldn’t understand it. This rejection left Long Yuyin feeling frustrated and simmering with inner turmoil.

Gathering Deity’s Lakes Arc:

In the Gathering Deity’s Lakes Arc, Long Yuyin sought out Nie Li in the Outside World and found him cultivating at one of Li Xingyun’s Deity’s Lakes. After his cultivation, she approached him and requested to become his disciple. Initially hesitant, Nie Li eventually agreed after Long Yuyin persisted.

Nie Li then shared information about the Sage Emperor with her, revealing a personal connection due to her former master and Ying Yueru’s studies of Heaven’s Divination Technique. He urged her to compete for the patriarch position of the Dragonseal Family to strengthen their forces against the Sage Emperor. Although uncertain if she could match Long Tianming’s strength, Long Yuyin agreed to begin forming her force in the Outside World. Additionally, she planned to enlist her father’s former subordinates to bolster her power.

Nie Li also disclosed that Long Yuyin’s Blood Dragon Bloodline still had dormant meridians that, once unlocked, would unleash her full potential and elevate her strength to a formidable level. He pledged to unlock these meridians for her in the future. When Li Xingyun returned, he teased Long Yuyin by referring to her as Nie Li’s companion. Nie Li clarified that Long Yuyin intended to vie for the position of patriarch in her Dragonseal Family and needed to establish her forces. He requested that Li Xingyun mentor her, similar to his guidance with Gu Bei, and Li Xingyun agreed.

Despite it being nighttime, Long Yuyin hurried to Nie Li upon hearing of his return to the Divine Feathers Sect. She requested to have her meridians unlocked, showing her dedication to improving her cultivation. Though initially nervous and embarrassed, she complied with Nie Li’s request for her to disrobe so he could apply acupuncture needles. Despite the situation’s awkwardness, Long Yuyin remained focused on channeling the immense energy flowing through her meridians as Nie Li began the procedure.

After approximately an hour, Long Yuyin channeled and released the energy, causing her cultivation to skyrocket to 5 Fate. However, the intense process resulted in the complete burning of her remaining clothing, leaving her exposed when Nie Li returned. Although deeply embarrassed, Long Yuyin expressed heartfelt gratitude to Nie Li for his assistance.

Later, as Long Yuyin left Nie Li’s courtyard, she encountered Hu Yong. He had trailed her and launched derogatory accusations, crossing a line by insulting her virtue. Enraged by his words, Long Yuyin retaliated by delivering a direct kick between his legs in response to his inappropriate behavior.