Lu Piao:

Lu Piao, alongside Du Ze, is one of Nie Li’s closest friends. Hailing from the esteemed Lu family of Glory City, he is also a student at the Holy Orchid Institute. He has dark Grey brown hair and grey eyes. He engaged with Xiao Xue. Although, he is loyal and frank toward the protagonist. But he is a bit lazy. 

Lu Piao


In the Manhua adaptation, Lu Piao is portrayed as an average-height boy with spiky dark hair and grey eyes, although his appearance isn’t detailed in the novel. Characterized by his laziness and lack of ambition, Lu Piao tends to put in more effort when motivated by his companions. Despite his playful and somewhat cowardly nature, he remains fiercely loyal to his friends. Despite his noble background, he treats people from all walks of life with equality. Lu Piao harbors a fear of disappointing his father, as he faces the consequence of being hit when this occurs.


In his previous life, Lu Piao shared a close bond with Nie Li and Du Ze, but his cultivation only reached the level of a silver-ranked fighter. Growing up, Lu Piao was childhood friends with Xiao Xue, and his affection for her deepened into love over time. However, in their previous life, Lu Piao’s cultivation needed to be higher for Xiao Xue’s family to accept him as a suitable match. Instead, she was wedded to a young master from the Lu Family.

During the attack on Glory City, Lu Piao and Xiao Xue managed to find each other and secretly married. Their time together was tragically brief, as Xiao Xue lost her life in the demon beast onslaught. Grief-stricken and unable to imagine life without her, Lu Piao chose not to escape with Nie Li and passed away soon after.


Lu Piao, like Nie Li, embarked on his cultivation journey from the lowest level. Initially possessing a red soul realm, many doubted his potential to become a demon spiritualist. However, upon training with the Holy Primal Chaos Technique, his soul force surged rapidly, partly thanks to his chaos attribute. With a regular supply of elixirs from Nie Li and the use of Purple Haze Grass, Lu Piao’s cultivation soared. Despite starting with a lower soul force than Du Ze, he managed to break into bronze rank shortly after him. Through focused training alongside Nie Li and others, Lu Piao reached an impressive 3-star bronze rank in both fighter and spiritual power.

After reuniting with Nie Li at the City Lord’s mansion, Lu Piao received a Scarlet Demonic Leopard god-level growth rate demon spirit. Although his progress into silver rank wasn’t disclosed, he successfully integrated the demon spirit into his soul realm. During their journey through the Ten Millennium Spatial Array, Lu Piao utilized Blood Crystals to break into a 1-star Gold rank. Through his training and the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique, he eventually reached the pinnacle of 5-star Gold rank. In the Nether Realm, Lu Piao’s cultivation surged with the assistance of the Soul Array, reaching a 4-star Black Gold rank. Consuming a Spiritual Origin Fruit in the Nine-Layered Deathlands further elevated his cultivation toward legend rank.

Participating in the Lord of Nether’s Disciple Selection, Lu Piao absorbed black flames in the Black Infernal Tower, strengthening his body and soul. Nie Li’s breakthrough into Legend rank propelled Lu Piao directly to a 1-star legend rank. Chosen as a disciple by the Lord of Nether to join the Divine Feathers Sect, Lu Piao’s 5-grade Heaven rank spiritual root qualified him for the west district of the Skysoul Institute. Upon cultivating in the Saint Soul Grounds, his strong natural talent propelled him to the eighty-sixth rank on the Saint Soul Board. With a steady supply of spiritual stones, he broke through to the Heavenly Fate Realm.

Receiving a god-level dragon bloodline demon spirit from Nie Li, Lu Piao’s cultivation continued to advance. Through Nie Li’s Divine Elixir and primordial bloodline demon beast blood, his cultivation rapidly progressed to 6 Heavenly Stars in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Trying Nie Li’s Divine Elixir for the first time elevated Lu Piao directly to the 5-stage Heavenly Axis Realm. With further doses of the Divine Elixir and dedicated cultivation, his cultivation continued steadily over the next month.

The Divine Feathers Sect’s Rise Arc showcases Lu Piao’s cultivation journey and his role in the sect’s development:

With the aid of Nie Li’s elixirs and the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Lu Piao achieves a breakthrough in the Dao of Dragon realm. Over the following six months, he dedicates himself to cultivation while also assisting Nie Li with sect affairs. Despite his contributions, Lu Piao is eager to demonstrate the sect’s growing strength to the outside world.

Powers of Lu Piao in Tales of Demons and Gods Manga

During this time, Lu Piao is present when Ling Kong, the young master of the Lingyun Sect, arrives and proposes marriage to Long Yuyin. Nie Li orchestrates a scenario where Lu Piao behaves rudely to test Ling Kong’s reaction. After showcasing their sect’s power, Nie Li entrusts Lu Piao with overseeing their sect and relocating the Lingyun sect to Myriad Dao Peak, assigning him a team of Martial Ancestor Realm and Dao of Dragon realm experts for support

Master Arc Sect:

In the Becoming the Sect Master Arc, Lu Piao undergoes significant advancements in his cultivation and plays a crucial role in supporting Nie Li:

Firstly, Nie Li reveals the Divine Phaseless Fruits and Divine Elixir to Long Yuyin, Gu Bei, Li Xingyun, and Lu Piao. Nie Li assures Lu Piao that with this elixir, he can swiftly ascend to the Dao of the Dragon Realm. After trying the elixir, Lu Piao’s cultivation directly ascends to the 5th stage of the Heavenly Axis Realm. With more Divine Elixirs from Nie Li, Lu Piao focuses on furthering his cultivation over the following month.

Lu Piao accompanies Nie Li when he approaches Situ Beiyan, warning him about Long Tianming’s potential ties to the Demon God Sect and seeking support for the competition for the acting sect master position. Lu Piao, along with Gu Bei, Li Xingyun, and Long Yuyin, expresses complete trust in Nie Li to Situ Beiyan. When Nie Li falls seriously ill, Lu Piao stands by his side, feeling anxious and concerned for his friend’s well-being. Despite the uncertainty, Lu Piao remains supportive and vigilant.

During the competition for the acting sect master, Lu Piao and his companions decide to support Situ Beiyan in Nie Li’s absence. However, when Nie Li unexpectedly arrives, Long Tianming tries various tactics to discredit him, but the support for Nie Li remains steadfast.

Following Nie Li’s victory, the Big Five of the sect enforce Nie Li’s authority, leading to Hierarch Martialsky announcing his retirement and appointing Nie Li as the new Sect Master. Despite initial confusion and discontent among the sect members, Nie Li wins them over by generously distributing spiritual elixirs and powerful Demon Spirits. Lu Piao fully supports Nie Li’s leadership and becomes one of his elite followers.

Under Nie Li’s guidance, Lu Piao assists in deploying Dao of Dragon Realm experts to aid Du Ze, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning’er. Despite Lu Piao’s eagerness to confront the Demon God Sect, Nie Li decides to close the sect temporarily to focus on cultivating power before eventually launching an attack.