Xiao Yu

Xiao Yu is a youth who Xiao Ning’er meets in the Nether Realm’s Nine-Layered Deathlands. Despite being female, Xiao Yu presents as male due to their upbringing by Ming Fei, the Lord of the Nether. They possess a space-time artefact ring and feel a connection to two mysterious auras that protect and guide them.

Unbeknownst to Xiao Yu, Nie Li converses with her birth father and discovers that millions of years ago, after being defeated by the Sage Emperor, he sealed his and his wife’s cultivation inside Xiao Yu’s blood using the Void Spiritual Array. Utilizing a secret technique, he then sent her to the current period.


Xiao Yu dresses as a man and has a friendly and easygoing nature. Nie Li teases her about her disguise and admires her grace and purity. She has thin brows, gentle eyes, and skin like white jade. Her tattooed flat chest bears a complex inscription pattern. Xiao Yu continues to wear male attire even after Nie Li discovers her true gender.

Personality of Xiao Yu in TODAG Manga


In the previous timeline, no information is available regarding Xiao Yu’s life or experiences.

Current life:

Nine-Layered Deathlands Arc

Xiao Ning’er brings Xiao Yu to meet Nie Li and Ye Ziyun, and vouches for her trustworthiness based on her past assistance. However, Nie Li is still cautious of Xiao Yu, as he finds her behavior suspiciously perfect. Despite his reservations, Nie Li agrees to travel with her when she suggests it. He is unsure of her intentions and does not want to risk refusing her.

During their journey together, they stumble upon a Spiritual Origin Fruit. When asked if she desires it, Xiao Yu claims her unique physique would not benefit from consuming it, further adding to Nie Li’s suspicions.

During their conversation, Xiao Yu’s mention of Nie Li’s proficiency as a Senior Inscriptionist only deepens his suspicion of her, leading him to believe she might have investigated him. In response, Nie Li becomes more guarded, warning her against harming his friends. When pressed further, Nie Li compares inscription patterns to the Power of Law, prompting Xiao Yu to reveal her knowledge of his two types of Law energy.

Despite her assurances of harmless interest, Nie Li remains wary, especially when Xiao Yu expresses a similar interest in Xiao Ning’er. Nie Li threatens retaliation if Xiao Ning’er is harmed, but Xiao Yu challenges him, suggesting he should prioritize Ye Ziyun over Xiao Ning’er due to his apparent preference.

As they continue traveling together, Xiao Yu’s behavior becomes increasingly provocative and teasing, prompting Nie Li to question her odd habits, such as her discomfort with physical contact. In response, Xiao Yu claims to suffer from mysophobia, a fear of being dirty.

During the battle, Xiao Yu uses a jade hairpin to disarm Cang Ming and creates water dragons to retrieve the Scarlet Pearl from the Zombie Jiao-dragon’s forehead. Despite Xiao Ning’er refusing the pearl, Nie Li claims it for himself.

After venturing into the depths of the first layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands, the group stumbled upon a floating tomb guarded by a formidable large skeleton believed to hold a fragment of the shattered Divine Spark of the Death God. As the skeleton fiercely defended the tomb against a horde of 40 to 50 Demigod rank experts, Xiao Yu and Nie 

Li decided to explore the tomb while leaving Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun safely concealed outside. To ensure their protection, Xiao Yu entrusted them with a Golden Scroll.

Xiao Yu and Nie Li snuck into a tomb by covering themselves with a cloth with the Shadow Misleading pattern. Nie Li dismantled five foundational patterns on the sealed door using his expertise on inscription patterns. Xiao Yu used Nether Realm stone keys to open the door and entered the tomb.

Xiao Yu led them down a narrow staircase into the tomb, skillfully evading numerous inscription pattern traps along the way. They encountered Ghouls at one point, swiftly dispatched by Nie Li using a lightning Divine Guardian Rock. Taking advantage of the shield’s activation, they hastened past the traps, only to be unexpectedly ensnared by a space distortion. Employing the formidable power of his Yin Yang Blast x10, Nie Li managed to shatter the distortion, and they reemerged within the tomb, albeit now amid a flowing river.

Upon extricating themselves from the river’s currents, Xiao Yu broached the topic of Nie Li’s potential participation in the test to become a disciple of the Lord of the Nether. She tantalized him with information about the benefits, such as the opportunity to visit the Divine Feathers Sect.

Death God:

As the walls transformed into massive stone hands and launched an assault, Xiao Yu countered with her palm strikes, but the overwhelming force of death gradually overpowered her. Nie Li discerned that the tomb was the embodiment of the Death God and seized the moment to unleash his Yin Yang Blast against the walls until he breached through. Evading the stone hands, they found themselves in a vast chamber housing the enormous black heart of the Death God, with numerous captured experts being drained of their energy. Utilizing her Frost Chaos Sword, Xiao Yu severed the tethers and liberated the captives.

While Xiao Yu freed the experts, Nie Li engaged in a defensive struggle against the Death God’s formidable energy with his laws of light and darkness. Observing the giant scarlet hands pummel Nie Li, the others presumed him dead. Despite their powers of law being suppressed, they rallied together to resist the Death God, albeit swiftly subdued once more. Only Xiao Yu’s Frost Chaos Sword threatened the Death God, prompting him to deduce her proximity to the Lord of Nether, likely as his child, seizing the opportunity for revenge.

As the tomb suppressed his law energy, the Death God eventually broke through Xiao Yu’s defences and seized her. Bound like the other experts, her energy was swiftly drained as the Death God relentlessly assaulted her, driven by his deep-seated hatred. Despite enduring repeated torture, including multiple stabbings and a shattered rib, Xiao Yu remained steadfast in her refusal to submit to the Death God’s tyranny.

In a surprising turn of events, Nie Li reappeared, now wielding control over a third law: the law of death. With the Death God’s attacks composed of death energy, they could no longer harm him. Nie Li simply touched the black heart, causing the Death God, his tethers, and the tomb itself to dissipate into nothingness.

After being saved, the demigod experts expressed their gratitude to Xiao Yu and Nie Li, offering their assistance and asking if there was anything Nie Li desired in return. Nie Li mentioned his troubles with the Wugui Family and the Dark Guild, prompting the experts to offer to deal with them on his behalf immediately. Representatives from the powerful Dragonchant Family and Fiery Elf Clan also extended invitations for Nie Li to visit their families in the future.

Confirming his participation in the Lord of Nether’s disciple selection, Nie Li bid farewell to Xiao Yu, who assured him they would meet again at the event. With a parting reminder to bring the golden scroll, Xiao Yu departed, leaving Nie Li to contemplate his next moves.

Draconic Ruins Realm Arc

After three months, Xiao Yu welcomed them back and guided them to the Divine Feathers Sect in the Draconic Ruins Realm. Guan Yi, the third student chosen by the Nether Master, exhibited some arrogance due to his talent. Xiao Yu cautioned him that his current level was merely the lowest in the Draconic Ruins Realm, advising him to remain vigilant and humble in his pursuits.

Draconic Ruins Realm Arc

Xiao Yu explained the Spiritual Root test, which determines the district of the Skysoul Institute where they will study. This worried Lu Piao, who feared he wouldn’t perform well. Nie Li tried to reassure him, but Guan Yi disparaged Lu Piao’s fear, provoking Nie Li. Xiao Yu warned against fighting within the Skysoul Institute’s territory, stating strict punishments for those who disobey.

While waiting, Hua Ling arrived with a large group of new students from the Little Heaven Realm, attempting to provoke Xiao Yu. When Enforcer Gu allowed Hua Ling to cut in line, Xiao Yu intervened. Hua Ling then proposed his students be tested alongside Xiao Yu to resolve the situation.

While observing the students being tested, Hua Ling continuously mocked Xiao Yu for not having broken through to the Heavenly Fate Realm despite her 7-grade Heaven spiritual root. Nie Li defended Xiao Yu, claiming that individuals with heaven’s spiritual roots would eventually reach greater heights if they strived to break through to the Heavenly Fate Realm. However, he later admitted to Xiao Yu that he made up that assertion.

When one of Hua Ling’s students, possessing only an 8-grade Man spiritual root, faced ridicule and demands to return to their realm, he chose to commit suicide instead. Xiao Yu and the others watching were deeply angered by the lack of remorse that Hua Ling and his student displayed.

After Nie Li and Lu Piao were tested and found to have 8-grade and 5-grade heavenly roots respectively, Xiao Yu was surprised. She made a casual remark to Hua Ling, who the results had now humbled. Following this, she directly cautioned Nie Li, Lu Piao, and Guan Yi to be wary of Hua Ling, emphasizing his potential for seeking revenge when humiliated.

Upon parting ways with Guan Yi, who was assigned to the south district, Xiao Yu offered Nie Li and Lu Piao accommodation in her rented courtyard in the west district’s private section. She showed them the student market where artifacts and high-level demon spirits were traded for spiritual stones. Additionally, she reminded them to avoid provoking others and instructed them not to leave the courtyard without her or enter her room. Before departing to complete their registration, she gifted them each two spiritual stones to facilitate their cultivation of Heavenly Energy.

When Xiao Yu returned to her courtyard, she found Huang Ying and Yan Hao present. Despite Huang Ying’s infatuated looks and Yan Hao’s jealous provocations, Xiao Yu ignored them and asked both to leave. However, the situation escalated when two other girls, unaware of Xiao Yu’s gender, arrived, prompting Nie Li and Lu Piao to retreat to their rooms to cultivate in private.

Later that night, Xiao Yu visited Nie Li’s room, seeking help to break through to the Heavenly Fate Realm. Nie Li explained that his Myriad Dragonroars cultivation technique was incomplete but offered to assist Xiao Yu using acupuncture. Although Xiao Yu felt self-conscious and embarrassed, the acupuncture proved immediately effective, propelling Xiao Yu to the 3 Fate Heavenly Fate Realm. Grateful for Nie Li’s help, Xiao Yu thanked him and offered some spiritual stones as payment. Nie Li accepted five of the ten stones Xiao Yu had, considering their arrangement settled.